Better Direction
For West Chester
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Better Direction
For West Chester 

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
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Dear Neighbor and Friend:

Welcome back to the Better Direction for West Chester website. If you are a resident of the West Chester Area School District and want to become involved in the future of your community, please know that Better Direction shares the common belief in a free and equal opportunity to a great education.  Our success relies on our passion for, participation in, and support of public education.   Please join us in securing our educational future and run for the position of Democratic or Republican committee person in your precinct on Primary Election Day, May 20, 2014.  This is your opportunity to become the political decision maker in your voting precinct by having the power to endorse your local candidates for election.

You will ensure that we have excellent public schools, protect the resale value of our homes and help maintain the excellence of our community by choosing to become involved.

Please email us at  for more information and request an election package for your filing purposes.  You can begin today, February 21st, to circulate a petition to place your name on the May 20th ballot, only 10 of your neighbors’ signatures are required.  The deadline for filing to become a committee person is March 11, 2014, so we hope to hear from you soon!

WCASD Board of Directors

New members take seats on West Chester school board
By Jeremy Gerrard, Daily Local News
POSTED: 12/03/13, 1:16 AM EST |

WEST GOSHEN — The culmination of efforts to elect four new board members to the West Chester Area School District were realized Monday evening at the annual reorganization meeting.

Board members Joyce Chester, Robin Kaliner, Chris McCune and Ricky Swalm joined the four other returning members.

The new members replace previous board members Ed Coyle, Sean Carpenter, Maria Pimley and Heidi Adsett.

All members are to serve four-year terms expiring in 2017.

Swalm was unanimously elected to the position of board president following the oaths of office. Swalm previously served on the board and served as board president last in 2011.

Swalm replaces board member Vince Murphy, who served as board president for the last two years.
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